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Studio Archer

When you get connected with two former Disney Imagineers, you pull chairs around, make popcorn, and get ready for anything to be possible. This dynamic duo reached out after a few years running their own experiential design firm concerned they had a name, brand ID and website that was coming across too entry level, and not like the deeply seasoned, sophisticated pros they are. Founders Lyndsey and Justin came to us willing to revisit every aspect of it, and after some soul-searching, even decided to rename the company for their newly married, shared name of “Archer.” But to work with us to make that stand for so much more. Studio Archer was born!



Creative development is always a journey, but it’s its own unique and exciting journey when your client is also a design team. Different disciplines, sure, but a shared love of shape, form, color and type was always at play. And the letterforms in the new name were super fun to work with. After reviewing a range of ideas, Lyndsey and Justin ultimately chose the very first mark we presented as the winner, which we love! We then collaborated on spacing, subtle alterations, and perfecting each character until arriving at the final wordmark – a simple, elegant mark highlighting the “D” and the “C” taking the shape of an archer’s bow.


As we always say, a logo is only as good as the environments it lives in (and thrives in)! We did a thorough study of color and type together until landing on something we all truly loved. Large serfs married with a muted, natural palette paved the way to a more complete brand ID with the personality and impact this team had been looking for! Oh, and that bright pop of natural yellow is as intentional as the new sophisticated look we’d created: a reminder to play and have fun.