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Moontower Group

Think DUNE (the movie). Or, just of dunes, sand, rocks and natural elements in the peaceful and serious parts of a beautiful, future-forward “moonscape.” This was part of our brand brief for Moontower, a private equity studio in Austin, TX. Of course there are the actual famous moontowers in Austin, and we drew inspiration from those as well. You might say we worked from the ground up, in close collaboration with the founders’ vision, creating a wide range of logo marks for them, a beautiful color palette, clean  launch website, marketing collateral, swag and more.



While the color palette, type and imagery were inspired by moons and dunes, the logo itself is a direct nod to Austin’s famous moonlight towers. Known as the only surviving towers of this kind in the world, a single tower illuminates stunningly bright light from six carbon arc lamps. These are the six dots that make up the Moontower mark.



PMS: 426 C / 426 U

RGB: 36 / 39 / 44

CMYK: 81 / 67 / 55 / 83

HEX: #24272C



PMS: Warm Gray 8 C / Warm Gray 8 U

RGB: 141 / 130 / 128

CMYK: 38 / 37 / 39 / 15

HEX: #8D8280



PMS: Warm Gray 1 C / Warm Gray 1 U

RGB: 216 / 212 / 215

CMYK: 10 / 10 / 11 / 0

HEX: #D8D4D7


Moontower builds enduring companies, lasting partnerships & thriving ecosystems. 


The first cuts of Trade Gothic were designed by Jackson Burke in 1948. He continued to work on further weights and styles until 1960 while he was director of type development for Mergenthaler-Linotype in the USA. Trade Gothic does not display as much unifying family structure as other popular sans serif font families, but this dissonance adds a bit of earthy naturalism to its appeal. Trade Gothic is often seen in advertising and multimedia in combination with roman text fonts, and the condensed versions are popular in the newspaper industry for headlines.



We worked very closely with Moontower to get a simple but impactful website launched for their team and a great-looking, hard-working flexible set of slides designed for them to start rolling out pitch decks and presentations of all kinds.