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Meet Leigh

Leigh is the kind of person you just want to know. We certainly did. We’d see her around town from time to time and it always seemed like she was always either working hard, laughing harder, or passionately freaking out about something. In the best possible way. We happened to know she was also a freelance designer, and we finally got up the courage to ask her over. A crazy crush of work was hitting all at once, and she jumped right in to get us through! But after clearing it, we realized we had an actual crush. In fact, we 'fessed up that we felt something more: true work-love! So we bought her an Aeron chair and asked her to stay. And she's been here ever since – eventually even ushering us all into a post-Aeron, standing-desk world.
Leigh now runs Rabe and Birch like a behind-the-scenes sous chef / mob BOSS. Daily details, weekly status meetings and new projects are all fresh ingredients she uses to make sure our work comes out on time, on temp, delightful and just what was ordered! Effortless, beautiful design. Color palette perfection. Websites started and launched in a day. A client meeting-turned-photoshoot. Powerpoint raging. Learning new platforms, sourcing new swag, running calls, excitedly discovering some new insight to help our clients grow… or some amazing new place we should go for lunch. And then most unbelievably, Leigh will actually, somehow, get everyone to leave her alone, pick up her phone, and kick serious ass as our resident social media expert. Crazed or calm, we’re so lucky this keep-it-all-moving maven boarded our ship. Not only can she steer, she constantly sets our sails for new waters.


> List Maker & Task Master
> Always Learning
> Resting “I’m Thinking” Face
> Certified Fitness + Nutrition QUEEN
> Green Thumb
> Dogs Before Humans
> Also Horses, LOVE
> Resident Therapist
> Mad Baking Skills
> Beach Babe, Livin’ for That OOO Life
> Reigning “WE GOT THIS” Champion

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