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Kitchen & Coffee

What's better than helping launch a local coffee shop + cafe brand with great ownership and a fantastic staff, who makes stellar coffees + teas and go-to vegetarian / mostly-gluten-free / often vegan offerings... who ALSO ends up opening a second location that's quite literally attached to our design studio? Answer... not a whole lot! We love our friends at Kitchen & Coffee, their offerings, and the idea of walking through their cafe and out the back door each morning to enter our own place of work. Doesn't get too much better than that!



Though a simplistic and modern approach was taken to best represent who Kitchen & Coffee is in this icon + lockup style mark, there were many rounds of iterations to find the perfect "cup." K&C is a coffee shop and vegetarian cafe all rolled into one, and we feel that the final mark represents this well. There's no mistaking Kitchen & Coffee when you see this icon in town, which was especially important when they decided to open and second location due to construction blocking their first location.

PMS: 2310C / 2310U

CMYK: 10 / 20 / 26 / 0

RGB: 210 / 180 / 143

HEX: #D0B38E

PMS: 7545C / 7546U CMYK: 74 / 50 / 31 / 36 RGB: 60 / 66 / 71

HEX: #3D4247

PMS: Cool Gray 1C / U CMYK: 10 / 7 / 5 / 0

RGB: 235 / 233 / 233


PMS: 7416C / 7416U

CMYK: 0 / 69 / 65 / 0

RGB: 243 /  113 / 92

HEX: #F2705C

PMS: 2164C / 2164U

CMYK: 51 / 29 / 15 / 5

RGB: 115 / 142 / 163

HEX: #738EA3


The chosen color palette is a unique one. Rather than leading with primary colors and having the remaining palette serve as supporting colors, all 5 colors used in the K&C brand carry roughly equal weight. All five colors are used for the primary mark, and most of them are paired together to create 2-color marks.



We designed a unique set of iconography for K&C, which is important to establish for the future use of just about anything designed for them. Menus, packaging, website, you name it.


From there, we helped K&C create visual touchpoints that customers physically see, feel, and interact with on a daily basis. The placement of logos, icons, colors, and type all play a role in their visual identity displayed through these touchpoints, which include items like business cards, gift cards, stickers, menus, packaging, apparel, etc. We feel these touchpoints are what make K&C special to those fortunate enough to visit.