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Meet Ken

Ken is listening to Van Halen. Again. He does his best, most beautiful work when “Runnin With the Devil” is up so loud it makes his desk shake. This is probably because as the youngest of four boys, he avoided beatings from his older brothers by disappearing into his bedroom, turning the stereo all the way up, and delving into the world of art and design. And for a long time, “art and design” meant drawing and redrawing Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Boston album covers. And the Van Halen logo, of course.
Drawn to beauty in the seen but often overlooked, Ken loves design that has a homegrown, hand-done quality. His portfolio landed him long-term, short-term, full-time and freelance gigs for over fifteen years at small studios, giant agencies, boutique shops, production companies, and everything in between. One day he looked back at all the work and realized he’d kind of created his own brand. As a designer of, well, brands.
From the mark for Tommy Hilfiger’s NYC flagship store to an internal division of Microsoft so complex that other divisions still aren’t too sure what they do… to our local bike shop’s window decals to print campaigns for high-end, high-tech firms on the West Coast and beyond… Ken’s helped countless businesses launch, re-launch or simply refresh their brand with beautiful, original, exciting new identities. Not to mention the consistent love he gives to pro-bono clients who need good design in order to make a difference. They’ve all decided Ken’s the man. Because simply put, Ken can.
His work has appeared in Comm Arts, Creativity, AdWeek, Rockport’s Logo Lounge 4 and Business Graphics, HOW’s Identity Solutions. He’s received a silver CLIO as well as merit awards from The One Show. Best of all, every once in a while, someone buys him a beer.



> Type Nerd (Pool.Coffee)
> Travel Junkie
> Lives on a river
> Neat Freak
> CEO (Chief Emotional Officer)
> Mr. Sunglasses
> Loves old signs
> Wears Jordans
> Has never dunked
> Whiskey and vinyl
> Local hero

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