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Inbound Health

We’ve gotten to know some inspiring healthcare teams over the past few years. All have been on a mission to break through and make a major impact. They’ve also all been equally plagued by the fact that there’s been a surge of new ideas in this world and don’t want to be perceived as yet another trending, quick-fire startup without the heart and hustle to go the distance. This team – with deep connections, care and confidence in their seat the table as true innovators and leaders in the home health space – put their trust in our team to create a whole brand world for them that would match those very qualities. The relationship was collaborative and a true joy. It was both an honor and a privilege to name, design and launch Inbound Health!



When we’re tasked to name a company, everything has to start there. A name, the letterforms, the meaning… all impacts the design work! And wow it’s so challenging. It always seems someone, somewhere, has taken every possible name there is! And while “inbound” is a very familiar term to marketers, it plays a very different note when applied to home health. After reviewing quite a few possibilities, this name was a big win!

Evening Blue

PMS: 2182 C / 2182 U

CMYK: 90 / 37 / 24 / 56

RGB: 23 / 74 / 93

HEX: #174A5D

Aloe Green

PMS: 337 C / 337 U

CMYK: 40 / 0 / 29 / 0

RGB:  143 / 215 / 198

HEX: #8FD7C6

Light Mist


HEX: #E8F5F4


We developed a 2-color system for the main marks which are as soft, comfortable and inviting as the brand itself. We brought in a third color for web use that's near-white but with a tint of our green to keep the site clean and airy, but not stark.



As always, we took the same approach that's made us successful in the past to find the right mark for Inbound. We tried everything from form, to function, and all that lies between. Ultimately, the right balance between the two prevailed. We listened to, and brainstormed on, what truly makes Inbound special and different... a healthcare company who brings a full stack of capabilities into their business model (clinical, technology, operational, and supply chain assets)... all of which are necessary for sustainability!

That being the case, we developed a mark with inward motion. These directionals move in from every angle and coming together perfectly to create negative space in the center, revealing a recognizable medical cross.