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Welcome to Dream World

A project almost two years in the making… for an industry we’ve worked in for over a decade: high-end home technology “integrators.” (Teams that tie the myriad electrical systems in a home together to work as one.) What they do is so complex and misunderstood! So we worked with long-time client The Guild Integrators Alliance to find a new way to tell their story.



We oversaw this project from idea (a dream really!) to full launch. Of course we owe the unbelievable vision and production quality to an amazing team of collaborators. But it was truly an honor to shepherd this wish into the world for The Guild.


If you’ve got 10 minutes, check it out here or over at You’ll see that these guys really are the dreamers of dreams!



From teaser posts to trailers to the official launch site, the whole team here was regularly all-hands-on-deck for creative, production, launch and promotion.

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 3.49.34 PM.png

“We make your home magical. Like a movie. Like a dream.”



With a completion date near enough to the annual industry trade show, we threw a little event planning into the Rabe services mix! Sign-ups, mailing lists, event invitations and guestlist wrangling, room décor, swag bags and more. 200 people to cheer on a little film working hard to achieve BIG things for an industry? Hell yes. We’re all in.

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