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Meet Craig

There’s no greater superpower in any creative office than a team-member who can locate the perfect GIF response to anything, any time, at lightning speed. And here at Rabe and Birch, that superpower belongs to Craig Valentino. No email, text or Slack eludes his quick-fire skills at animation communication. It’s insane.
When he’s not lighting up a message board, Craig is whipping up a similar talent storm on literally any project that touches his desk. The Valentino signature style is to build artboard after artboard the way a master gardener works from soil to sky. In order to build the most beautiful “brandscape,” everything plays a part, and Craig knows how to dream in every single direction.
Craig is also the founder of his own design studio, Thank God It’s Monday Design. But we’re very lucky that he’s chosen to live out his full-time days here at Rabe and Birch! He brings the full breadth of experience across design, branding and art direction, having worked on powerhouse brands such as Puma, PepsiCo, Beam Suntory, Red Robin, Macy’s, and Maton Guitars. He’s also done some seriously eye-popping work for Ride Nature, Mill House Brewing Co, Original Skateboards, The Craft & Co, and many others. Just go check out his Instagram and eye-pop for yourself.
Craig’s work has earned him a long list of top awards and overall recognition from GDUSA, HOW Design Awards, Communicator Awards, Craft Beer Marketing Awards, and many more. When he’s not in the office, Craig is often working with faith-based organizations in and around his community here in the Hudson Valley, checking out the latest craft brewery, kickin' it with his wonderful wife and beautiful baby boy, or playing the guitar with his band at church. Which you can livestream. Which is awesome.


> Always Inspired
> Yankees + Giants, Let's GOOOOOO
> Cult of Craft Brew
> Coolest Dad Vibes
> Dog Wrangler
> Grounded by God...
> ...and Guitars, Drums & Skateboards
> Punk Rawk
> Horror + SciFi Movies
> Day Tripper

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