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Baxter Building Corp

We've worked with the Baxter team, a leading construction company & developer here in the Hudson Valley, for many years. We've been with them long enough to collaborate on 2 full rebrands and a large amount of growth. The first was to simplify and modernize the original identity. But a few years later, Baxter called back and gave us the greenlight to take it even further design-wise, but also deep-dive company strategy and positioning, creating an awareness campaign around just how much this heavy-hitting team is capable of. From design to development, property management, massive construction capabilities and an expert team behind the scenes of it all, Baxter is quite literally an unstoppable force. We’re so proud to have helped them own that energy through simple, flexible, can’t-miss-it copy and branding.



In the most recent iteration to the Baxter identity system, we went simple and STRONG! We created a custom-stenciled logotype for their primary mark, and a stenciled "B" icon that is virtually unmistakable and forever memorable. The hard contrast of black & white with a pop of "Baxter Red" creates a sleek and sophisticated look that brings the personality and character of Baxter into the light for all to marvel at. Beautiful minimalistic iconography pairs well with this well-rounded visual identity system.


The primary Baxter palette consists of two colors. 100% Black and 100% White. These 2 colors can be used interchangably, in reverse of each other.


Baxter Red, as well as Baxter Light Gray (just shy of pure white), should be used as accents only.