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Azotea Cantina

We never say no to tacos or margaritas. Azotea has both so when this project landed on our plate - It was a no brainer. A modern, Mexico City-inspired menu is the first of its kind in Atlanta. The menu features simple, yet delicious chef-forward food, fresh margaritas, and handcraftedcocktails. The space offers a rooftop to take in the view or chill on the ground-level patio.



This little lock-up is almost as tasty as their tacos.It has to work in tons of different environment so we kept it clean and crisp.We also created a version with a huge drop shadow so it pops when it needs to - A horizontal version when it’s time for a siesta.


Atlantic Station is an upscale commercial and residential area. At its heart is the open-air mall with popular restaurants, fashion and home decor stores.


It was time for signage once we had the ID in place. We got local sign painter Chris Wright ( to grab his brushes, set up his scaffolding and get to work. Inside we utilized minimal signage but made sure that even the “Employees Must Wash Their Hands” notices were handpainted by our favorite folks at King Street Sign Painting Co. ( 

PMS: 2310C / 2310U

CMYK: 10 / 20 / 26 / 0

RGB: 210 / 180 / 143

HEX: #D0B38E

PMS: 7545C / 7546U CMYK: 74 / 50 / 31 / 36 RGB: 60 / 66 / 71

HEX: #3D4247

PMS: Cool Gray 1C / U CMYK: 10 / 7 / 5 / 0

RGB: 235 / 233 / 233


PMS: 7416C / 7416U

CMYK: 0 / 69 / 65 / 0

RGB: 243 /  113 / 92

HEX: #F2705C

PMS: 2164C / 2164U

CMYK: 51 / 29 / 15 / 5

RGB: 115 / 142 / 163

HEX: #738EA3


The chosen color palette is a unique one. Rather than leading with primary colors and having the remaining palette serve as supporting colors, all 5 colors used in the K&C brand carry roughly equal weight. All five colors are used for the primary mark, and most of them are paired together to create 2-color marks.